the past few weeks doing my capstone project have been interesting. They have been very helpful and i have been using garageband, and lilac writter. My capstone project is coming along ok. its not where i wanted it to be but yea.

Music tech term 3

This semester in music tech I have learned so many new techniques. I have learned how to use a lot of new sights. I learned how to use Garage Band, Jam Studio, and, Lilac Writter.
Here's my untitled song for my Dance Song Unit:
Kyllie Belmonte - Dance Song Unit

Music Tech

Hi im Kyllie Belmonte im in 9th grade at Kapaa High School. Im in  Music Tech class with Ms. Paleka In this class we learn how to write songs, use garage band, and we will soon be learning how to play an insturment. These past weeks have been really fun and challenging I like learning new things about music. So far in this class I have made 3 songs and I personaly think there not that bad. In the begining of the semster we learned a little bit of how to read notes. Also follow my insta account @smileykyllie3

Music Video Finale

P1T5 Live While We're Young from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo

I have a team with three of my best friends Kyla BautistaShaday Thomas, and Denae Sacramed. We chose Live while were young by one direction for our music video song. We chose this song because we wanted a happy up beat song that we could reach out and do. We had a bunch of songs that we could chose from so we had to decide so we asked around on witch song we should do. Most of the people that we asked chose Live while were young And the other most liked song was story of my life by one direction story of my life is kind of a sad song.

Our story line is Students being bored in school. There always one time with there work and they study to much there brains are about to explode. They sneak out of class and get out of school early. They go to all different types of places. They go to places like the mall, bowling alley, and the beach. They just go out and have fun all day to get unstressed from school.

Our rough cu…

Movie Trailer Premier

P1T4_Hidden Secret from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.
Our project is to make a 90-120 second  movie trailer. That grabs your audience without giving away the ending. use a dramatic voice actor who can  hint at why your movie is a said as “Must See”. Make an original movie poster and provide your audience with the highest level of production value so their eyes & ears stay glued to the screen! I contributed to the project by helping with the voice acting script. I'm also gonna be directing a couple of scenes.

One of our teams biggest challenge was finding time to meet up either one of us had practice or we had something planed that day or they had a game to go to so we had a lot of trouble finding time to film. One of our biggest successes is editing and our movie poster. Our movie poster looks so cool. When we have stuff to edit we get it done fast. Our editing skills are really good we make sure that the audio matches the visuals. When we work together we get things done …

Metamorphosis Animation

 Metamorphosis from Kapaa Middle School MEDIA on Vimeo.

Our project goal is were making a metamorphosis animation. In our metamorphosis animation we are making something inanimate something that can move for example in one of our story's we are making Butter find fly. This animation is about a butter and a fly meet and there goals are to become more than what they are. So they become a butterfly to achieve there goals. They both have different goals. The butters goals are to fly. while the fly's goal is to be able to be bigger and not have people squish her or swat her all the time. So when they come together to make there dreams and goals come true together they become a big beautiful butterfly.

Our focus statement is butter finds fly. Our beginning middle and end of our story is about A fly living in a dump and sees its unique friends playing and wants to be different like them.and he sees a big hill and is curious about what is on the other side. In the process of getting th…